• Davis Bike and Brew Fest (map)
  • 303 3rd St
  • Davis, CA, 95616
  • United States

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Tickets Available Now:


Ticket Prices: 

    •    $25- Early Bird Special

    •    $35- For any Pre-purchased Tickets

    •    $45- At the door

    •    $60- VIP Ticket

Ticket Includes: 

    •    Access to the event 

    •    A glass for beer and wine tasting

    •    Over 60 breweries and 10 wineries- Vendor List Coming soon for 2014

    •    Access to purchase Food from local food vendors & food trucks

    •    Three Live Bands

VIP Ticket Includes:

    •    Access to the VIP Patio with Specialty Craft Beers ( Not found in general                 admission area)

    •    Access to VIP indoor air conditioned specialty or rare Craft beer tasting                 room ( Not found in general admission area)

    •    Food tastings from VIP Vendors

    •    Access to the entire event

    •    A glass for beer and wine tasting

    •    Three Live Bands

Venue Rules: 

    *Valid ID is required to register for a tasting glass and wristband
    *You can check in with a printed ticket or by using your name with a valid ID
    *Minors are not allowed to consume adult beverages at any time

    ****Minors Have to check in with a ticket holding adult

Valid Forms of ID:

    •    A valid driver’s license issued by federal, state, county, or municipal government.

    •    A valid passport. (At the discretion of ID Checker)

    •    An identification card issued by the Armed Forces of the United States that             contains the name, date of birth, Physical description, and picture of the person.