What is a jockey box?

2 Tap Jockey Box --- Sacramento Beer Rentals

2 Tap Jockey Box --- Sacramento Beer Rentals

Most people know what a Jockey Box is, but they just don’t know what’s it’s called or how it works...

A jockey box is an insulated container housing ice and water, as well as a long coil of hollow tubing. The device is used to cool beer being served on tap in temporary locations.

One end of the coiled tube in the box is fitted to the external supply of the beer to be served, often moved from the supply container by gas pressure, and the other end is attached to taps for serving the beer, which are often integrated into the box itself. 

Filling the jockey box with ice and water cools the coiled tubing, and when the beer flows through the tube, the beer is cooled to a temperature of around 38 degrees, even if it was at room temperature before it entered the box. This allows cold beer to be served on tap in temporary and outdoor venues, minimizing foam.

Apart from the coil and taps, the jockey box resembles a cool box. Some jockey boxes force the beer through a solid cold plate rather than a coil of tubing.

A glove compartment is also sometimes referred to as a "jockey box," especially in the U.S. Upper Rocky Mountain states.

If you are throwing a Backyard BBQ, Wedding, Corporate Party, or Festival, then do your BEER justice, and serve it through a Jockey Box. Jockey Box rentals are available at Sacramento Beer Rentals, and the service area is Sacramento, Reno / Lake Tahoe, San Francisco / Bay Area, and most parts of Northern California. Need a Beer Trailer? Sacramento Beer Rentals also has you covered on larger beer dispensing equipment. 

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