• New Helvetia (map)
  • 1730 Broadway
  • Sacramento, CA

We first released "Mystery Airship: Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout" on our 1st Anniversary. In fact, it was the beer that started our Mystery Airship Series way, way, way back in 2013. We didn't recognize at the time that we had a classic in our midst. It tasted great and people seemed to love it. That was cool. When it pulled a Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Beer Competition, we confirmed our suspicions that this was a special beer. 

Then we could not source any freshly dumped bourbon barrels. So we had to wait until the elusive bourbon barrels became available again, luckily they did in early 2015, and Mystery Airship 1.0 is back.

If you've ever waited in line for beer, you should seriously give this extremely rare Imperial Stout a go.