• Kupros Craft House (map)
  • 1217 21st Street
  • Sacramento, CA

We are pitting Sacramento area brewers against San Diego brewers and you get to vote on who you think has better beers!
This is like a tag team match. We obviously can\’t have all these contenders on tap at once so as soon as one keg “taps out” another gets a shot. Just because a keg blows doesn’t mean that city is winning because you must vote for your favorites. This competition is best over our $7 flights so you can compare the beers head-to-head if you will.

Sacramento: Bike Dog, American River, Claim Stake, Device, Oak Park, Track 7, New Helvetia.
San Diego: Acoustic, Alpine, Ballast Point, Green Flash, Karl Strauss, Modern Times, Pizza Port, Port, Stone.