• Broadway & 3rd Ave
  • Sacramento, CA

Inspired by the warm California nights and the emerging trend of the food culture, GATHER is a take on the city as a dining table. Set in a familiar, but unusual setting; this unique food event that will take place monthly on second Thursday evenings in Oak Park from May-October. The night will include communal tables for out-door dining, a craft beer area, artisanal food vendors, designers, food demos, interactive art, live music and a modular kids park.

GATHER is a social experience based around the idea that a neighborhood that eats together, stays together and strengthens the community. 

GATHER: Oak Park is presented by Unseen Heroes and The Oak Park Business Association.

Location: Broadway and 3rd Avenue

Join us as we GATHER in Oak Park's newly developed Triangle District to celebrate a night of community and culinary delight.