• New Helvetia (map)
  • 1730 Broadway
  • Sacramento, CA, 95818
  • United States

The Bright Underbelly project under the W/X freeway, home to the The Sunday Farmer's Market will experience a transformation like no other. An amazing mural will add new life to the gray concrete canvas of the elevated section of freeway running through town. 

Join us as we release a commemorative beer, "Bright Underbelly Bergamot IPA" to help raise awareness of this impressive, improbable and significant public art project. Learn how you can help push the Bright Underbelly project over the finish line with your support.

Meet the artists Sofia Lacin and Hennessy J. Christophel, and project manager Tre Borden. 

This is a ticketed event. Your ticket includes 2 pints of "Bright Underbelly Bergamot IPA". Click logo for more info.