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Hello All!

It is that time of year (again) in which we need to stay warm and cozy. In honor of this time of year, we will be having a 2nd Annual Onesie Pubcrawl! On 12/19/15 we will be embarking on a journey through Sacramento while wearing (and staying warm and cozy in) our Onesies.

With last years attendance totalling over 70 Onesie Aficionados, this year we'll have a photographer following the event, drink specials, and a whole lot of fun. Check out the photos from last year here:


*Updated 11/11/15*

The tentative schedule of our excursion will be as follows:

#1. 05:00pm-06:00pm - Alley Kats
#2. 06:00pm-07:00pm - Kupros Crafthouse
#3. 07:00pm-08:00pm - LowBrau
#4. 08:00pm-09:00pm - Midtown BierGarten
#5. 09:00pm-10:00pm - The Golden Bear
#6. 10:00pm-11:00pm - The Distillery/Pieces Pizza by the Slice

Very exciting! Feel free to meet up at any point if you choose not to do the whole excursion. We'll be arriving at the bars listed about 10 minutes after the posted time due to walking time. I am looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone that is attending! It'll be a great time!

Alley Kats - 2019 O St.

Kupros Crafthouse - 1217 21st St.

LowBrau - 1050 20th St.

Midtown BierGarten - 2332 K St.

The Golden Bear - 2326 K St.

The Distillery - 2107 L St.

Pieces Pizza by the Slice - 1309 21st St.

Be sure to RSVP! If I have forgotten anyone, please add them to the invite and please invite your friends! Let's make this a huge event and make it an annual tradition! Come have a fun and hilarious time with a bunch of great people!