A new monthly block party is hitting Oak Park this summer, with a focus on community-building and culinary exploration.

It’s called Gather, and it’s organized by the very hip people behind Unseen Heroes. Unseen Heroes also puts on GOOD: street food + design market on Del Paso Boulevard. (By the way, that returns on Sunday, June 1.) Essentially, the Oak Park Business Association saw GOOD, loved it and wanted something similar for Oak Park.

But instead of shopping and crafts, Gather will be all about the food. Expect about six restaurants and food trucks dishing out locally-sourced plates for $5-$10, plus up to 20 vendors selling jams, vinegars and other artisanal treats.

Beers in Sac will curate the beer selection—local, of course—and the upcomingOak Park Brewing Company is expected to pour. The California Food Literacy Center will put on chef demos.

“There’s an educational component,” said Maritza Davis, an Unseen Heroes partner. “We want people to know they can afford quality food, and here’s where they can get it.”

This is especially needed, she added, since Oak Park is a notorious food desert.

And to build a sense of community, the party will feature a super long, communal dining table in the center. A stage for live music, a pop-up park and interactive art installations will keep folks entertained and mingling.

“We want to bring people out of their houses to meet each other,” said Roshaun Davis, another Unseen Heroes partner. “But we also want visitors to come and learn about this great neighborhood.”

The very first Gather is Thursday, June 12, from 5 to 9 p.m. at 3rd Avenue and Broadway. Gather will continue every second Thursday through June.