• Sacramento Public Library (Central Branch) (map)
  • 828 I Street
  • Sacramento, CA

Learn to brew delicious organic beer with author and craft brewer Amelia Slayton Loftus. 

Author and craft brewer Amelia Slayton Loftus shares her expert knowledge about brewing delicious organic beer in this introduction to her book, “Sustainable Homebrewing: An All-Organic Approach to Crafting Great Beer.”

Dec. 9Tuesday, 6:30 p.m.
Sustainable Homebrewing” author Amelia Slayton Loftus (adult)
Central Library
828 I St.

West Meeting Room

Loftus has brewed organic beer for almost two decades, and operated a certified organic homebrew store from 1997 to 2011. Her book covers topics including:

  • Reasons to brew organic
  • Issues to consider when buying equipment
  • Organic ingredients—what makes them different, how to get them and how to make substitutions

The author will answer questions after the presentation. Staff from the Sacramento homebrewing supply store Brew, Ferment, Distill will sell copies of the book at the event.