The Sample Sacramento series is written by BJCP Judge Mike Ungerbuhler. Mike has given himself the task to visit all of the breweries in the Sacramento area and provide a review of both the beer as well as the atmosphere.  He will sample what he feels are a good representation of the brewery and give you his tasting notes.  His intent is to continue this series until he has covered all of the local breweries; as that list continues to grow, he will be busy for quite a while. Join Mike as he Samples Sacramento

Sample Sacramento is back with a visit to the first of three Rocklin breweries, Out of Bounds Brewing Company.  


Out of Bounds’ taproom opened in August of 2013 with only 3 beers, although they now regularly offer 12.  The solar powered brewery and taproom is located roughly a half mile after Taylor Road becomes Pacific Street in Rockin. The taproom is spacious and is reminiscent of a ski lodge, minus the snow outside.  The air conditioned space is comfortable year round. There is ample seating with a couple of long communal tables and plenty of room to belly up to the bar.  A short hallway leads you out to the brewhouse where you will find additional tables and a roll up door which allows easy access to that day’s food truck.  In the brewhouse, you’ll also find a ping pong table, a foosball table and cornhole. This accompanied with a few TVs back in the taproom, are sure to provide hours of responsible beer drinking and entertainment.


This was not my first visit to Out of Bounds and it certainly won’t be my last.  Rocklin Brewfest was the first event to see Out of Bounds’ beers, but you can now find their beer in bottles and on tap all around the Sacramento area.  The knowledgeable and friendly beertenders are more than willing to offer you a taste of what they have on tap and  help you find what it is that you’d like to drink. You can also purchase individual samples or go all out and sample one of everything with a wagon wheel.  I ordered a few samples to share with The Wife and pulled out my notebook.     

Tasting Notes:

Elevation 6225 – The decidedly hoppy American Pale Ale has a mild crackery malt character that is set against a bold grapefruit aroma.  Its thin, bright white head sat atop the straw colored brew.  Flavors suggestive of citrus zest and pine are prominent and linger with the light cracker like malt character.  Elevation 6225’s medium light body and near effervescence make for a sessionable pale.

Joy Rider – This West Coast IPA is loaded with the aroma of citrus and fresh grass.  The slightly hazy, light golden ale is capped with a thin layer of fine bubbles.  Huge citrus and fresh grass flavors are propped up with a light malt backbone.  Joy Rider has a medium body and moderate carbonation that emphasize the hop character.

Two Headed Rooster - Caramel and toast support the citrus and subtle stone fruit aromas in this DIPA.  It is a clear, pale copper ale with a lid of fine, off-white bubbles.  The sweet malt character plays well with the resinous citrus hop flavors.  Two Headed Rooster is a beast of a DIPA that is slightly warming with a medium full body and moderate carbonation.


Ultimatum – This 3XIPA has alcohol and malt sweetness that is combined with bold ruby red grapefruit qualities.  Its radiant light copper is capped with a thin off-white head formed of tiny bubbles.  The sweetness noted in the aroma evens out the strong grapefruit and nectarine flavors.   Ultimatum is surprisingly not warming and has a medium full body and moderate carbonation.

The Prophet – Aromas of rich coffee and chocolate pair well with the toasty malt character.  This Imperial Stout is opaque black that allows next to no light to shine through it.  The Prophet is crowned with a thin, light beige foam.  The flavor of toast is first on the palate and is balanced with the chocolate and coffee.  This Imperial Stout has a rich and full body that warms the chest.

I will most certainly return to Out of Bounds to enjoy more of their great beers and atmosphere.  The highlights of my visit were The Prophet, and the excellent treatment from the crew.  Rounding out Rocklin’s beer scene is Dragas and Bone Shaker.  I shall not drag my ass in shaking your bones with the next Sample Sacramento.