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Ted Rozalski and Scott Scoville of Beers In Sac joined the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts Facebook Group over the summer, and have been witness to the growing popularity of the group and its membership. Rozalski and Scoville as Sacramento natives, and craft beer enthusiasts themselves, had to find out more about Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts, interviewing one of its founders, Russell Kay. Here's what he had to say:

Q - What is the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts?

A - Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts is a local "Facebook" group who enjoy drinking craft beer and supporting local Sacramento tap houses and breweries. We are a group that encourages beer drinkers of all kinds to share their thoughts and tastes on the Facebook page.  We keep it very positive.

Q - Who founded the group? When was it founded? And why?

A - A group of six friends founded the group in 2012. Russell Kay, Steve Hayer, Antoine Miller, David Ackerson, Eric Uhercik and Patrick Phelps. Our spouses were always doing girls nights. So us guys were jealous and wanted to do official guys nights. What better way to do a guys nights than with beer. So we came up with the idea of having "Beer Meetings". We started off with everybody bringing a different six pack of beer to the meeting. We all got the opportunity to try different styles of beer.
I started the Facebook page to keep track of the beers we were drinking. I wanted the page open to everybody so anybody could join and post beer on the page. 
Q - What is the vision for this group?

A - Our vision is to promote Sacramento as a craft beer town. We want to help all the local breweries and tap houses fill their establishments with beer enthusiasts.  

Q - As it stands today, how many Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts members are there?

A - As it stands right now as I type this, Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts is at 792 members......growing daily.
Q - How can one join?

A - To join Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts is simple. Go to Facebook search for our group and hit join. As of right now we are only a Facebook group. Once you join you are able to add any friends you like. Once they are added they can add anybody they would like. In the future we are looking at a website.  
Q - What are the rules to participating, posting, or attending events within the group?

A - We have simple rules on the Facebook page. Post Beer. Every post on the page is about beer, beer fests, beer events, breweries, beer glasses, beer apparel all things related to beer.
On the Facebook page we post up coming events. To attend an event we ask you to RSVP on the event page. The RSVP's are nice so the owners of the brewery or tap house can have an idea of the number of people that may be attending. But to be honest if you just show up to an event you will be welcomed with open arms and a cheers. 

Q - The group has been hosting events, can you share about a few recent events?
A - The events "Meetings" are always fun. We hold at least one event "Meeting" a month. Sometimes we are able to hold a couple events a month. Our events are a great place to meet people who love beer in Sacramento. We have new people at every meeting......we also have our regulars as well. Always fun and a great time to network with other beer lovers.
This past month we held our December Beer meeting at Capitol Beer and Taproom. It was an incredible time. Lots of laughs and beer. 
We also held our 1st ever Tipsy Santa Bottle Share Bottle Gift Exchange. This was an idea of a member who posted the idea on the Facebook page. Thanks to Final Gravity we were able to make it happen.  It was huge success and tons of fun. We all left with a great beer to enjoy later. 
Q - Any upcoming group events that Sacramento should know about?

A - We are planning a January Meeting at Track 7 Natomas brewery. The date has not yet been determined. 
We are super excited about Art of Beer on Jan. 30th. Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts will be at the event. We are planning the unveiling of the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts logo. Also hoping to have the first ever Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts glasses and shirts available at the event. The logo is currently being designed by Heidi Ellis at Pretty In Ink Tattoo in Roseville. 
We are planning maybe in the spring a trip out to Goat House in Lincoln. Maybe in the coming months a meeting at Boneshakers Public House in Rocklin. 
Q - With the recent craft beer boom in Sacramento, how does a group like this fit into the fold?

A - With the recent boom of craft beer I think Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts fits right in the middle. We are able to post all new beers coming to Sac as well as beer events. Somebody on the page knows when the next great beer or beer event is coming and can get the word out. We have several members that work in the beer industry and we are always first to know. Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts is at the forefront of craft beer thanks to all the members. 
Q - As Sacramento Beer Week 2015 approaches, do you guys have any planned events or collaborations with the local scene?

A - With Sacramento Beer Week coming up we are looking at possibly doing a beer event. We don't have any details yet.....I promise Beers in Sac will be first to know. Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts has a couple of members with a great beer connection and are working on it. The best part of Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts is that we are very flexible. Let me know about an event, and we can get the word out.  

Q - On a more personal note, what beer(s) do you have in your fridge right now?
A - Me personally, I am an IPA guy. Doubles, Triples and now Quads "Thank you Knee Deep". In my beer fridge you will always find Racer 5 and Sculpin. Right now I have a Mongo IPA from Port Brewing, Tap It IPA, Wookey Jack, Pliny of course and you will even find a couple of stouts. My wife loves stouts and reds. I have some unknown IPA's in there as well since they are still gift wrapped. Thanks to the 12 days of Christmas box from Roco Wine

Q - Is there anything that you'd like to add?
A - I would like to thank Beers in Sac for giving me the opportunity to let everyone in Sacramento know about our group. Check us out on Facebook. Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts.

Beers In Sac also posed some questions to the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts membership, the driving force behind this movement. Here are the questions and answers:
Tell us about yourself? When did you become a member of the Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts? Why did you join? What beer(s) do you currently have in your fridge? With the upcoming Sacramento Beer Week, what would be your ideal, can’t miss, Sacramento Beer Week 2015 event?

Aaron Taylor

I'm a 24 year old beer lover and beer artist. Check out Beerded Designs. I joined about 3 or 4 months ago when I saw my boss JJ post about the first meet up and the brewery where I work (boneshaker). When I saw the post I joined cuz I figured "hey. I'm a beer enthusiast...and OH SH*T! I LIVE IN SACRAMENTO." why wouldn't I join. I filled out both of the criteria. In my fridge I currently have a simtra and a deep my closet it's a whole other story...not gonna list em all. My ideal can't miss event for beer week is gonna be anything that has a majority of sours 

Misha Burke

Well, I'm a 23 year old recent college grad from HSU who just moved back to the Sacramento area in June. I joined the group 4 months ago and it has been absolutely awesome! Great people, amazing beer and lots of laughter! It's like a birthday party for beer every time we have a meeting. I used to work at the brew house at Lost Coast Brewery in Eureka, Calif. for a year and a half while attending school and when I moved back and heard about this group, I knew I needed to join. I love craft beer too much not to! I currently have Jack Russell Vanilla Stout, Lost Coast Brewery 25th Anniversary Belgian Ale, Lagunitas IPA and Eel River Acai Berry Wheat in my fridge. With the Sacramento Beer Week coming up, I'm definitely not missing ANY of the events. But I cannot miss the Capitol Beerfest for sure!! 

Chris Guthrie 

Much like Aaron, I'm bearded as well. I'm 26 and have been working at Final Gravity for 2.5 years. I noticed when we were having the SBE event a month ago or so, I joined up. I joined up because I think that Sacramento has huge potential to be a serious beer market, and like the beer industry, we need to be a close community of beer drinkers.
Between the fridge in the kitchen and the beer fridge in the garage, I have about 30 bottles - a lot of them from Track 7. The beer closet has close to 200-250 bottles. 
The sour event at Sam Hornes is one of my favorite events during Sac Beer Week. Keep an eye out for events at FG.

Erica Jill Brown 

I'm a 30-something beer enthusiast who works at UC Davis in Campus Recreation, and lives in midtown. I became a member of the group a few months ago, over the summer sometime, after Jon told me about it. I joined because it's always fun to meet and drink with fellow beer lovers. It seemed like a cool way to connect with local beer enthusiasts, and I figured it could lead to some cool bottle shares! I'm also into beer trading so it's fun to see what other locals are trading for, and to share beers that I've gotten in trades with others. In my fridge: Deep River is my new favorite (we've got a few), Celebration, Ruhstaller's Hop Sac, and probably some other IPA's that I can't remember. There's a bunch more locals and traded beers in storage next to the fridge!
My ideal, can't miss event would be an IPA and bacon pairing event! That and Capitol beer fest.

Jon Richmond 

30 year old who lives and teaches in Roseville. Was born in the Sacramento and have watched Sacramento slowly become a hotbed for great craft beer as well as a great community of enthusiasts and traders alike. I joined SBE almost a year ago when there were only about 40 members, it was a different group back then,and a little bit closer of a community (same people posting and commenting). Now SBE seems to be growing at a rate of 50 new members a week, which is absolutely awesome as I get to meet more and more people in the community and it makes for a great way to network with others, especially other traders in the area. Sam Blackmon, Chris Guthrie, and Russ Yeager would be a few examples. I, like a few other members have cellared beers. A few favorites I currently have are: Bo and Luke, Prairie Bomb (and some variants), Eclipse (and other barrel aged variants), Black Tuesday, Bourbon County (almost all variants), FW 18th Anniversary, Pliny, White Rajah, GF Sculpin, MooHoo-Chiato Stout, Abyss, and Berserker. I have to agree with Chris Guthrie, Final Gravity puts on amazing events, happens to be my local taproom, the owners Amy Ruthnick and Kyle Ruthnick are all about the craft beer community, and they put on amazing events (Stouterday, Mother Pucker, etc.). Therefore, I plan on definitely making some of their Beer Week events.

Deanna Mahnke 

Cheers from Deanna Mahnke

Cheers from Deanna Mahnke

I am a Bay Area transplant! Been in Sacramento since 2004! Currently live in the Carmichael Area and love it! I'm a stay at home mother of 4 kids which keeps me super busy! I have been a member of Sacramento Beer Enthusiasts since Halloween. After constantly commenting on my friends post he would make on Facebook he asked me why I didn't just join! So here I am! When my husband and I find time to get out it always seems to be beer focused! Checking out tap rooms, local breweries and finding those great local locations we've never been to! In my frig caught me on a good day, but now I'm wishing I would have picked up more while I was out so I could label drop! Ballast Point, Lagunitas Imperial Stout, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Green Flash Le Freak, Big Tasty Back Door, Coors Light, Pyramid Hefeweizen, Angry Orchard, Gordon Biersch Hef. How is it I never seem to know ahead of the time the events about to happen?! Oh I know. ..It's because of the whole 4 kids thing! I will gladly participate in as many events as I can!! Just keep on keeping me posted! That is why I love this group!

Logan Pratt 

32 year old, born in Sacramento but moved to Placer County (Meadow Vista) when I was 4. I am a Call Center, Data and Technology Program Manager for Placer County Human Services. Father to 3 kids who have helped fuel my love for craft beers to keep me sane. I consider myself one of the founding members of this group, since according to facebook, I am in the 7th position on the members list. I joined due to my love for craft beer which started in 2003 at the ripe age of 21. Started drinking your typical domestic beers, miller, bud, moose head, fosters, etc. However, one night after a movie I hit a bar in Roseville called the River Rock Cafe for beer night. That night changed my life and love of craft beer as I sat down and had a conversation and a cold Widmer Hefe with Rob Widmer, one of the founding brothers of Widmer Brothers Brewing and still to this day is my favorite Hefeweizen. Hearing the story of how Widmer Brothers started and to hear Rob's love of craft beer got me hooked. 
In my fridge:
> American River Brewing: Pumpkin Falls
> Lagunitas: Nighttime Ale
> Lagunitas: Imperial Red
> Stone Brewing: Ruination IPA
> Knee Deep: McCarthy's Bane Imperial Red
> Rubicon Brewing: Monkey Knife Fight Pale Ale
In regards to Sacramento Beer Week, I am looking forward to drinking any beer with the rest of the SBE gang! Cheers! Logan "Frogo Baggins" Pratt