3 Examples of Renting a Refrigerated Trailer


A few years back we took a call from an event organizer who searched everywhere on the internet for a service that would haul his fresh meat to the event.

The only issue? He needed to keep it cold.

He saw that we rent our refrigerated beer trailers and almost didn’t give us a call but decided it was worth a shot. It was the first time our portable trailer was rented for something other than beer but it was not the last.

Since then our refrigerated trailers have been used exclusively for flowers, meat, ice, and guacamole.

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Who else would benefit from a cooler trailer box rental?

Any businesses or individual who needs portable refrigerated space to keep their products at the right temperature. We’ve found it’s been great for special events, catering, and even as an alternative to permanent on-site storage.

Here are some examples:

Wedding Planners:

Wedding planners and venues that host weddings can keep the food cold at an outdoor wedding. Not keeping the food at the optimal temperature for your guest can cause food to spoil.

Unfortunately, perishable foods hanging out in the great outdoors can become breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria like E.coli and Salmonella. And nothing turns a perfect wedding day terrible like a sudden case of food poisoning.

Need some more convincing? Do this experiment: leave a jar of mayonnaise or a glass of milk outside in the summer sun on a cold tray for a few hours, then bring it in and see how great it smells.

Would you make a sandwich with that? Would you drink down all of that milk? I bet you wouldn't even after it had been out there for 30 minutes! People with suppressed or weakened immune systems, or the elderly, or the very young, can have fatal effects from food poisoning.

According to FoodSafey.gov, the most critical factor in extending the storage life for most fresh produce types is correct temperature management.  Because fresh produce is a living organism, this does not always mean that the lower the temperature the longer the storage life.  Produce quality can be irreversibly damaged by applying the wrong temperature.

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Local florists are dependent on the quality, freshness, and look of their flowers to build and maintain a loyal clientele. Florist use our refrigerated trailers to ensure their supplies of cut flowers last as long as possible, their coolers and refrigerators must consistently be kept at precise temperatures. A floral cooler or refrigerator's ideal temperature is between 34 and 36 degrees Fahrenheit for cut flowers in a hydrating solution, although many units hover at around 38 F. Keep in mind: temperatures that fluctuate 5 degrees plus or minus of 38 F can destroy or shorten the lives of flowers. Also, if the flowers have been removed from the hydrating mixture and placed in a preservative emulsion, they store best at a constant 34 F.

Here’s a list of other industries that benefit from a controlled refrigerated solution on the go:


•    Bakery Goods

•    Beer & Wine

•    Dairy

•    Flowers & Plants

•    Fresh Produce

•    Grocery Products

•    Poultry

•    Seafood

Food Catering

•    Amusement Parks

•    Carnivals & Fairs

•    Catering Companies

•    Conventions

•    Country Clubs

•    Outdoor Events

•    Golf Tournaments


•    Church Functions

•    Family Functions

•    School Functions

•    Sports Functions


How does it stay cold?

Our 110-volt units can cool with just 12 amps, making your job easy. These small portable refrigerated trailers are amazing in versatility and simple to use. Every Sacramento Beer Rental refrigerated trailer unit is delivered pre-wired, pre-assembled and ready to operate. No on-site assembly or refrigeration work is required at your location. Merely bring power to the unit and it's ready to go. Don’t have power? We have a generator that is available to rent.


Where can it go?

Our 8′ and 12′ trailers are lightweight and easy to transport.  Can be placed anywhere – grass, gravel, or relatively uneven surfaces. Set at ground level for easy access – no ramp necessary. Electric-powered – no fumes, fuel bills, or diesel engine noise. Seamless fiberglass construction is immune to heat, cold, and severe weather.


Cooler Trailer Rental Delivery

We have flexible delivery and pickup times that will accommodate your needs.


Cooler Trailer Rental Agreement

Our refrigerated beer trailer starts at $375 per day. Get in contact with us today to discuss your need for our trailer. You can text or call 916-229-8681.