New helvetia brewing co.

brewery black friday/2nd anniversary party

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Regardless of the side of the fence they are on about Black Friday shopping, just the simple mention of it can send people into panic mode. Those that love to shop it are tirelessly planning out their day, mapping out every stop based on what sale the store is offering. For everyone else, it means traffic and having endless ads for Black Friday sales thrown at them from every direction.

But for the New Helvetia Brewery family, this year’s Black Friday means something completely different - it’s their Second Anniversary! And they are celebrating in a big way, with a toy drive, anniversary beer, live music, ping pong and food trucks. They will also be broadcasting the Kings game and the Courtyard Biergarten will be open. 

For Owner Dave Gull, this will not only be a celebration of the community his brewery’s family has built, but also of all the hard work that has gone into building his business.

“We love the community that has formed around New Helvetia and it’s really rewarding, but the business of a brewery is very challenging.”

The Anniversary celebration will begin at noon, and so does their “Angel Tree” holiday toy drive. “Mystery Airship-2nd Sighting” Chocolate Imperial Porter and “Indomitable City Double IPA” will be on tap at noon and “Thurston” will go on tap at 2 pm. Ping pong matches will run all day in the garage and the Courtyard Biergarten is scheduled to be open. 

The Squeeze Inn food truck will be there from 2-6pm and then the North Border Taco truck will be there from 6-10 pm. The Kings game goes on at 5 pm and live music starts at 6 pm in the Courtyard. Musical guest Guero goes on at 8 pm. 

According to Gull, there will be “beer, music, food and laughs,” but not all the beer will last the entire party. 

“Don’t get there at 9pm asking for Thurston, it will likely be gone. Thurston goes on tap at 2pm, we only have 5 gallons and don’t expect it to last very long,” he says. 

Going into their third year, Gull says that they plan on some special beer offerings in bottles, and that there’s a good chance that “Thurston” will be one of them. 

Whether you are planning on shopping on Friday or hiding from the crowds, you can find refuge - and fun - at the New Helvetia Brewing Anniversary Party, from noon until close on Friday, November 28. New Helvetia is located at 1730 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818.

Thanks to Amanda Branham for writing this preview. Check out her website from House Parties To Housewife and make sure to follow her on Twitter @mamascraft.