New Glory Craft Brewery Reveals Big Expansion Plan

September 2, 2014

Over this past Labor Day weekend, the New Glory crew was hard at work breaking ground on their big expansion plan. The expansion will be carried out in three phases, and is expected to be completed by early 2015. The brewery’s goal is to increase its yearly production capacity from 900bbl to 9,000bbl of beer, establishing them as one of the landmarks in the Sacramento Craft Beer Scene.

This expansion comes only one year after the brewery opened for business. "In our business plan, this was scheduled at the five year mark," said Julien Lux (Co-Owner and Head-Brewer of New Glory). The expansion includes, among other things, a new 15bbl brewhouse, several 40bbl fermenters, a bottling line, and a canning line. Currently, New Glory is selling and distributing their products solely in kegs. In order to bottle, they will need to produce a lot more beer. "We are currently selling every last drop of our inventory,” Lux said. “Bottles are in high demand, and our distributors and local retailers are getting anxious to have our product in bottles,” Lux added. Cans are also in the brewery’s plans, but they will come later, as this is the last phase of their expansion.

When asked about new possible distribution areas, Lux responded that even though they have been in contact with several distributors throughout California, they have no need to open up a new distribution point at this time, as long as Sacramento demand continues. "Sacramento is our hometown, and this is where we want to keep our focus,” said Lux. He concluded in saying, “We are so blessed to be in Sacramento, and we are looking forward to continue contributing local beer to this great community.”

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