Beers In Sac spoke with Mike Mraz, the owner of Mraz Brewing Co. about their recent expansion plans, and here is what he had to say. Also, for up to date info on Mraz Brewing Co., follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Q - How's business been up in El Dorado Hills at Mraz Brewing Co.? 

A - It has been very good! Almost too crazy. We have hired two new employees this past month.   

Q - Word around town is that you've signed a lease for a new Production Facility and Tasting Room, is that accurate? 

A - Yes, we did sign a lease for more space. If you have been to our current brewery we do have limited space and have done very well with the size we have but need future growth plans. We want to continue to grow the barrel aging programs that we have started.

Q - Where is the new facility located? 

A - It is only 2 miles from the current brewery in the El Dorado Hills Industrial Park (south side of 50).  

Q - What's the planned layout? 

A - It will be mostly for our barrel aged beers and sours. We are not moving our current location. We want to build a barrel aging facility for now and add the brewery later.

Q - Square Footage of the new facility?

A - 3000+ sq. ft.

Q - How will the new facility be different from your current location? 

A - The new facility is in a new industral building with much more room to grow with room for a lot more barrels.

Q - What's you're projected production and distribution upon completion of the new facility? 

A - The idea is to give the Sacramento area some more of the eclectic styles of beer. We have already made and bottled a 100% brett fermented beer last year call the "Ferus" and our Flanders Style Red ale "The Cardinal" That took Gold In the 2014 California State Fair. Also next month we will be releasing our Tart Saison. "Saison Je" I'm very excited about this Saison!

Q - When do you estimate the Production Facility and Tasting Room to be open for business? 

A - In the short term we will be filling it with barrels. Once we feel we have enough beer for the tasting room and to sell out in the market place we will open the tasting room for everyone. 

Q - Anything else you'd like the greater Sacramento region to know about the expansion and Mraz Brewing Co.? 

A - We don't make the beer, the beer makes itself so please be patient. We have a lot of work and the beers we make take time to age.  

Q - Any plans for Sacramento Beer Week 2015

A - We will be releasing our tart saison in February, and a barrel aged version of our 2014 California gold medal Belgian Style Tripel. Also a few other barrel beers and The West Coast King.

We have two events planed for beer week at our brewery this year. 

One is a tasting of four version our Coffee Pot porter with some great coffees like Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, and also Kopi Luwak coffee (there will be four different coffee's in the base beer).

The big event for us will be our barrel room night. We will be tapping 10 of our barrel aged and sour beers that we made in 2013-2014.