Authured by Tim Cowdrey

Saturday, March 12, 2016

photo by mark loper

photo by mark loper

The way breweries are popping up in California you wouldn’t know the state was in a drought, especially in Sacramento. Sactown could easily become the next Portland or San Diego for craft beers. There are 50+ breweries in the greater area of Sacramento. You can almost say beer tasting is the new wine tasting. There are several beer festivals throughout the year here and you can’t go into a bar or restaurant in midtown without seeing a local brewery on tap.

This past Sunday Sacramento hosted their biggest beer festival of the year, the 6th annual Capitol Beer Fest. Rain or shine, I knew I wasn’t going to miss it. There were more than 125+ breweries that served over 300+ varieties of craft beer.  Live music, food trucks, and views of the two most iconic structures of Sac were in view (the Capitol and Tower Bridge). It was a great event to end Sacramento Beer Week

photo by mark loper 

photo by mark loper 

For the beer enthusiast, there is plenty to look forward to this year. Several breweries are opening up in 2016:

Big Sexy Brewing (Sacramento)

- Big Stomp (Sacramento)

King Cong Brewing (Sacramento)

Revision Brewing (West Sacramento)

For the beer novice, check out some of the newly open breweries and taprooms:

American River Brewing (Rancho Cordova)

Sactown Union Brewery (Sacramento) 

Claimstake Brewing (Rancho Cordova)

Crooked Lane Brewing (Auburn)

- Three Mile Brewing (Davis)

For any brewery locations or events, download and check out the free Beers In Sac App. Cheers Sacramento and may the beer odds ever be in your favor. 

Photography by Mark Loper