“Go For The Glory”: Collaboration between New Glory and BFD to Promote Nor-Cal Homebrewing

June 6, 2014

So let’s talk homebrewing… the infatuation with cleaning supplies, the choice between 2-row and 6-row barley, the decision between fresh hops and hop pellets, and the advantages of liquid yeast – it’s all part of the brewing process, and Sacramento is ‘all in’ when it comes to cooking up some great craft brews.  In the last year alone, our city has produced Bike Dog, New Glory, Device, and New Helvetia. The common thread?  Homebrewers with a passion to brew and an idea to expand their craft from hobby to livelihood.  Among these brewers is Julien Lux, founder and brewmaster of New Glory Brewery.  On June 28th, Julien and his team will be celebrating their 1st anniversary along with Brew Ferment Distill (BFD), which celebrates their 4-year anniversary.  Rather than celebrate their operation alone, Julien is hosting an event that celebrates the Sacramento beer scene, and homebrewing in particular. 

The event is called “Go For The Glory.”  The event, spearheaded by Mike Brennan, who works with marketing and promotions at BFD, will feature the opportunity for homebrewers to submit their latest brew to be tasted by official Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judges and given feedback.  Over a beer (of course), Mike and I chatted about the details of the competition, which will be sponsored by Hops to Table and BeersInSac.com.  Judges will be providing feedback on the beers’ positive characteristics, and also specific ideas for improvement.  Whether you’ve just brewed for the first time, or you’re an experienced brewer who can explain the purpose of a hydrometer, all entries are welcome. Homebrewers must submit their beers by June 18th.  The form to submit a beer can be found at http://newglorybeer.com/gofortheglory.    

Think college basketball and March Madness. 

Here’s the best part. There are two stages to the competition.  All entries will be judged according to their style by American Homebrewers Association (AHA) guidelines, and judges will provide positive and informative feedback.  The top beers will be recognized, and then the top 64 beers will be entered into a 64-beer bracket.  This is where New Glory comes in.  On June 28th, in a head-to-head competition, New Glory will host the bracket of 64 beers.  Judges will taste two beers, decide which one they like the best, and move it on to the next round.  Prizes will be given throughout the rounds of competition. Think college basketball and March Madness.  The celebration will not only include tasting the top 64 beers included within the competition, New Glory will, of course, be pouring their beers on tap at the brewery.  So imagine sipping on a stout from New Glory with some friends, celebrating New Glory’s 1st Anniversary, and watching the top 64 homebrews dwindle down to a final two beers to win the entire competition. And the final prize? You’ll have to be there to see it.

Photo Credit: "Best in Show" by capnvynl via Flickr

Photo Credit: "Best in Show" by capnvynl via Flickr

It doesn’t matter if your beer is undrinkable like my first five homebrews were. 

So here’s the deal...  If you’re a homebrewer, you know that beer you’ve got fermenting in your closet?  Go to the website, submit your name and drop off your beer by June 18th.  And again, it doesn’t matter if your beer is undrinkable like my first five homebrews were.  You’ll get feedback on your brew – what you’re doing well, what you can do to improve, and specific strategies to try the next time you brew. 

So you’re not a homebrewer, but you like drinking beer, right?  Mark June 28th on your calendar and head out to New Glory to celebrate the winners of the competition and New Glory’s 1st Year Anniversary.  Make it happen.

Cheers, Sacramento!


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