Last week we chatted with Frank Crain, owner of Handcraft Brewing Co. (See Q&A) about the pending sale of his brewery. And this week, we talked to the soon to be new owner Andrew Mohsenzadegan, of the rebranded brewery, Flatland Brewing Co. Here's what Andrew had to say:
Q - How long have you been brewing? What got you into brewing in the first place?

A - I have been brewing since 2008. I was introduced to home brewing by my good friend and roommate at the time. I fell in love immediately, and literally purchased my own set-up the next day.  I was fortunate enough to start professionally when I met Frank at Handcraft Brewing in 2012 and had the opportunity to become Head Brewer. Bringing my recipes to life for others to enjoy was what really solidified my desire to open my own brewery one day. 

Q - How you would you describe your brewing style or vision?

A - My brewing style has evolved over the years. I have brewed everthing from big imperial stouts to pilsners, Belgians, bitters. As for my vision for Flatland, there will definitely be a focus on hoppy beers. However my passion really lies within the realm of sours. I'm thrilled to bring this to our region, as I feel that sours are few and far between in our area.

Q - Have you always wanted to run your own commercial brewery?

A - Since I began hombrewing, I always had a vision of owning a place where I could share my knowledge and passion with like-minded members of my community. 

Q - What are your plans for Flatland Brewing Co.?

A - Throughout my years in the restaurant and grocery world, I have had many opportunities to further my knowledge. I became a Certified Cicerone as well as a Certified Specialist of Wine. I am a big believer of chasing your dreams and gaining as much knowledge as possible on the topics in the process of getting there. 

Q - What's behind the name, Flatland Brewing Co.? 

A - Several years ago when I moved to Elk Grove I envisioned Flatland as the perfect name for my future brewery. The Central valley's landscape was the true inspiration behind the name. As for my vision now that Flatland is becoming a reality, I am focused on sharing our motto, "small batch, huge impact".  I am also proud of Sacramento's Farm to Fork Capital title, and I'm thrilled to use as many local products as possible in our creations. Everything from local chenin blanc grapes to local honey- expect to see it all at Flatland!

Q - How would you describe the beer scene in Elk Grove? 

A - As we transition from Handcraft to Flatland, I want to remain in touch with all the wonderful guests that helped bring Frank and Monique's vision to life. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to continue showing Elk Grove fresh, local, quality craft beer. Handcraft has created a great footprint, the first of its kind in Elk Grove. I am thrilled to continue building the passion. Hopefully this is just the beginning of Elk Grove's beer scene. 

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