Fantasy Food Truck Showdown

Here are the guidelines for the FFTS 2015.

If guidelines change, we'll notify you and update via this link.

Official Hashtag: #FFTS2015 #FoodTruckLife

***This link including comp. rules and regs is for Food Trucks only. Poster and link for promoting and marketing to come.***

1) 6 Gourmet Food Trucks

One Soul

Cali Love

Brunch Boys

Gyro Stop

Culinerdy Cruzer

Mama Kim 

2) 4 Host Breweries

Track 7 Brewing (Natomas) - May 7th

New Glory Brewing - June 4th

Out Of Bounds Brewing - July 2nd

Yolo Brewing - August 6th

3) Showdown Dates/Times/Location

   a) 1st Thursdays 5-8PM

   b) May-August

   c) Different host brewery every month

   d) Top trucks showdown for finale in final month

   e) Event breakdown

      5PM:  Event Start Time

      5PM-8PM: Food Truck Passes Sold (Small Plates + Beer)

***Encouraging only small plates to be offered $4-$6 range, try promoting Food Truck Pass to get more event goer interaction.***

      6:30PM: Food Trucks Presented W/ Mystery Ingredient Boxes

      7:15PM: Food Trucks Present Dishes W/ Beer To Judges

      7:45PM: Judges Points & People's Choice Votes Tallied

      8PM: Announce Monthly Winner & Update Standings 

4) Competition

   a) Mystery Ingredient Box 

      1a) 4 ingredients from Mystery Ingredient Box must be included in dish

      2a) May use any other food/ingredients on hand to supplement Mystery Ingredient Box

      3a) Paired with host brewery beer of choice (Included with Ingredient Box at event)

      4a) Ingredient Box will be sponsored by a different restaurant each month (Restaurant Sponsors TBD)

   b) Judging

      1b) Judged by 4 Food/Beverage Industry Judges & 1 Social Media Winner each month

      2b) 5 different Judging Criteria (Plating, Creativity, Taste, Pairs w/ Beer, Overall)

      3b) Rating scale 1-10 for each criteria

      4b) Total 250 Possible Points + 20 Extra Points for Peoples Choice Per Event (See below for Peoples Choice)

   c) Bracket

      1c) Points scale

      2c) Standings adjusted each month

      3c) 1 & 2 ranked trucks in standings vie for 1st/2nd in finale

      4c) 3 & 4 ranked trucks in standings vie for 3rd in finale

   d) After finale, top 3 place for awards "Trophy - Hardware:-)"

   e) Peoples Choice Award

      1e) Small plates with beer, judged by event attendees

      2e) Each event goer can purchase Food Truck Pass (6 small plates + 1 beer + 1 Voting Voucher)

      3e) Each event goer turns in Voting Voucher of favorite truck of the night 

      4e) Peoples Choice selected each month 

      5e) Winner of Peoples Choice receives additional 20 Points for bracket comp. 

      6e) Food Truck Pass will be sold at event for $25 (Beers In Sac will reimburse trucks $3 per and brewery $3 per ticket book purchase)

5) $100 Entry Fee per Food Truck (Please Submit Entry Fee Prior To First Event On May 7th)

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