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"Farm To Glass" Short Film Documentary

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"Farm To Glass" Short Film Documentary Trailer

Beers In Sac has partnered with United Hop Farm, New Glory Brewing, and Jackrabbit Brewing on "Farm to Glass", a short film documentary by Victoria Suan of Brew Wave. Also, featuring New Helvetia Brewing, Ruhstaller Beer, Oak Park Brewing, River Delta Hop Farm, and Putah Creek Hop Farm. Check out the teaser, and stay tuned for "Farm to Glass", coming soon. Let's Bring Back Hops To CA! #BringBackHopsToCA  

Photos by Nzube Okemiri

River Delta Hop Farm w/ Oak Park Brewing Co.

Photos by Scott Scoville

Ruhstaller Hop Farm & Yard w/ Ruhstaller Beer.

Photos by Scott Scoville