California Bike-Bus Bill SB-530 (Pedicabs) Signed in to Law By Governor Jerry Brown

Law lays the framework for local control, enhanced safety standards and the consumption of alcohol aboard bike-buses.

SACRAMENTO, CA – California Governor, Edmund G. Brown Jr. signed SB 530 (Pedicabs) into law while pedaling on OFF The CHAIN Bike Bus Tours 15-passenger Bike Bus.  Senate Bill 530, which was authored by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento), provides the necessary clarity the bike bus industry was seeking. Legislators from both sides of the aisle worked together to pass this bill because of its broad support for small business and its economic impact that supports numerous industries. The signing of this bill is proof that government is successfully pedaling California forward.   

“With the support of Governor Brown, Senator Pan, local law enforcement and leadership from both parties, we are now in the fortunate position to be able to grow our small business. With our promising and exciting business model, our vision of operating an amusing way for individuals to participate in an interactive, fun, social activity in the city they love is now a reality.” said OFF The CHAIN Bike Bus Tours co-owner, Todd Sebastian.

OFF The CHAIN Bike Bus Tours, who was the sponsor of Senate Bill 530, was founded in 2014 by Todd Sebastian and Jason Blessinger.  They selected their hometown of Sacramento as their first Bike-Bus location.  Along with a mission of fun, OFF The CHAIN Bike Bus Tours is dedicated to the local community and continually seeks to cultivate partnerships with various businesses.  As a result of such partnerships, economic impact is pedaled directly to numerous businesses, creating a win-win environment for everyone involved!

“We searched worldwide for the ultimate bike-bus and performed an extensive review process.  We wanted to ensure that our brand of bike buses where of the highest level of quality, ensuring the utmost safety.  We are proud to represent a brand of unparalleled “Luxury” bike-buses. With the passing of SB 530, we are excited for expansion and working with multiple cities across this great State of California.” said OFF The CHAIN Bike Bus Tours co-owner, Jason Blessinger.