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Seattle, Washington –October 26, 2015 – The craft beer revolution is about to take another turn.  As Macro Beer becomes a larger and larger conglomerate, hyper regionalization steps up to battle against the goliath and PicoBrew provides the sling.

PicoBrew Pico is a new, fully automatic homebrewing appliance available from the people who created the PicoBrew Zymatic and KegSmarts.  The Zymatic was targeted to homebrewers and breweries for use in recipe research and development.  The Pico will be roughly half the size of the Zymatic and will easily fit on a kitchen counter, making home crafted beer available not just for the homebrewers amongst us but for general craft beer enthusiasts as well.  The PicoBrew Pico will be available in both 120 volt and 220 volt versions for use across the beer drinking world.

Where the Zymatic required a trip to your local homebrew supply store and at least some knowledge of recipe formulation, the Pico will be set up to use PicoPaks.  These packs will consist of recipes from local Sacramento breweries, Track 7, New Glory, New Helvetia and Dragas.  Some of your favorite breweries such as, Rouge, Dogfish Head, High Water, Oakshire and more are also on board.  Breweries worldwide are joining with PicoBrew to share their licensed recipes with PicoBrewers.

You can get your PicoPaks from the Brew Market Place which will act similarly to the already familiar app stores.  Homebrewers will also be able to submit their recipes to the Brew Market Place.  The homebrewer PicoPaks will go through BJCP judges for consideration and the homebrewers will receive valuable feedback from the judges whether their recipes are selected or not.  

The PicoBrew Pico will be available through Kickstarter at $499 per unit and the PicoPaks will start at $19 each.  


Donald Brewer

PicoBrew VP Sales & Marketing